Best Gaming Consoles

Consoles are dedicated gaming platform that’s uniquely designed for seamless interactive video gameplay and displays. A console’s working principle is the same as a computer except, it is a dedicated gadget.

The gadget is built with similar vital components as that of a computer, including Graphics Processing Unit that ensures you have a clear and smooth image and video rendering, a Central Processing Unit that integrates other primary components and even a powerful Random-Access Memory to boost your gaming speed. All these components are aimed at giving you a flawless gameplay experience.

About Game

Gaming features have advanced over the past few years. From the year 2005, gaming experience has been boosted to greater heights from the 7th generation to the current 8th generation gaming experiences.

The complexity of these games relates to an enhanced and real-world details with the farthest horizons and captivating worlds. The animations are close to reality with characters that are more detailed than ever. The games offer realistic images that make it almost impossible for you to tell the difference, however, with large screens, the difference is somehow noted.

Video games have become more complex and you will have to keep up with the changing times.

The Console Call

Why do you need a console? A console is a dedicated gaming device that brings you the desired gaming experience. The primary role of a console is to give you a gaming platform and experience that will make you yearn for more.

The games designed for your home entertainment purpose are complex. The complexity of these video games calls for a powerful gaming platform that is able to overcome the possibility of any drawback. Here are some basic reasons why you need a gaming console for your home gaming experience;

  1. The consoles are usually built with a clocked Central processing Unit with greater frequencies that will make you have a detailed view as well as smoother gaming interactions without skipping any bit. The console feature promises you a hassle-free gaming moment.
  2. Consoles have greater graphics memory that adds power and speed to their performance to ensure you experience greater environments, further horizons and quicker loading times for a relatively endless number of games.
  3. The consoles are also designed to keep your gaming momentum flowing and fun at the same time. With more realistic characters and other player feedback response mechanisms, gaming consoles take your gaming experience to a whole new level.
  4. As opposed to passive entertainment, you may feel the urge of an interactive form of entertainment that uses control interface. Consoles are popular for interactive entertainment. For in interactive entertainment, gaming consoles offers you the perfect solution
  5. It is always vital to bring your family and friends together to spend quality time. During this period, you will definitely immerse yourself in different activities with other family members or friends. Gaming consoles in this kind of amazing environments make a great difference through various forms of interactions and fun-filled moments.

Types of Consoles You Should Know About

There are various types of gaming consoles you should know about, including the handheld consoles and the home video game consoles. All these devices will enhance your gaming experience, however, with the eighth-generation consoles, there are additional stunning features that will offer you an immersive gaming, unlike their predecessors. The following powerhouse for games are among the best consoles you should know;


PlayStation is the biggest name of the gaming realms worldwide. PlayStation features have been advanced over the years to ensure it suites avid gamers and multimedia users with maximum satisfaction. The console is uniquely designed to offer you a dedicated gaming and to stream top quality graphic. Play station also offers you quality, clear and smooth multimedia playing platform without strain.


Xbox is another console that was produced by Microsoft. This console provides a beautiful and sophisticated sleek design with great capabilities and mighty multimedia option. This makes it a great gaming console for you and your family. Change and advancement in technology have never been inevitable, the console has been boosted over time to optimize your gaming experience.

Nintendo Console

Nintendo console is another gaming console that has revolutionized gaming experience over the years. Nintendo makes your gaming more convenient. The console offers you a high portability with a relatively large display for an incredible and versatile gaming experience. With a Nintendo console, you do not have to worry about moving around with your device.

Are There Other Types of Game Consoles You Should Know About?


Atari VCs

is another new console you should know about. A lot has not been revealed about this console, however, it is a hybrid of gaming consoles and PCs with open platform software. The console also comes with a wide range of preloaded Atari games along with new game support capabilities.

DRUMROLL!!!!! Now let’s talk about the best consoles to buy

Best Consoles To Buy

PlayStation 4 Pro

Who doesn’t want an outstanding gaming experience?

PlayStation 4 Pro offers a greater gaming experience. The console is built with a powerful system of top speed processors and video cards that consistently maintains high-quality video outputs with top frame rates.

The console also has a relatively large Random-Access Memory capacity that will eliminate any kind of a drag. The enormous RAM and powerful video cards ensure quick rendering of highly defined and realistic animation display. The console has a larger hard disk space to ensure you do not run out of space to store your most favourite games. Moreover, the hard disk is expandable to twice the amount offering you flexibility relative to storage space.

PlayStation 4 consoles allow you to easily browse games in the official PlayStation game store that is fully equipped with numerous titles for you whenever you want to play. Although the console is the largest console in the market, it has a contemporary design and a matte black casing that will easily blend with other electronics to give your home a beautiful look.

PlayStation 4 dual shock controllers have Bluetooth connectivity that covers a relatively wide range. They also have internal speakers and an additional Audio Jack to enable you to connect your headset to the controller. These features allow you to play your games without feeling tied up to your console

PlayStation 4 controllers are designed with a glowing light bar located at the front which will easily allow you or the third party to identify the players. Furthermore, the controller lighting allows you to add atmospheric lighting for other games. These controllers also offer a dedicated capture button that will enable you to save awesome screenshots on your social media.

The controllers are designed to accommodate a touchpad to improve user-friendliness and easy manoeuvres with multiple options.

Pros and Cons of PlayStation 4 Pro


  1. Owing to the need for speed enhancement for recent games, the powerful hardware specifications make it fast and seamless. The relatively large Random-Access Memory delivers a smooth gaming experience like no other.
  2. Another amazing advantage of this console is its ability to enable you to play demos while downloading the games. This ensures you play the game without any delay.
  3. The console also offers social enhancements which allow you to interact freely with other gamers and to allow the developers asses gamers satisfaction levels
  4. By the press of a button, the console will enable you to put the device in a low power mode to resume from your initial gameplay instantly.
  5. PlayStation 4 consoles also allow you to sell or lend your games to other players through the interaction interface.

Is the PlayStation 4 User Likely to Be Exposed to Cons?

As much as the hardware components and specifications have been boosted and made better, the specifications have been optimized in a such a way that they are less user-friendly.
Another disadvantage is the multiplayer purchase of the PS plus. Paying for this service will give you free games which is beneficial but still, most gamers would not like to buy such features. Finally, this console has no backward compatibility.

Xbox One S

Xbox One S is not just a stepping stone between the first Xbox One and Xbox One X, the console offers an elegant sleek design with an amazingly wide range of customized colour design that will definitely give your house a classic appearance. The console is relatively small making it easy to feet neatly into your room’s entertainment centre.

This console comes with amazing video capabilities that are clear, smooth-running and highly detailed to give you a more realistic image of the animated character. Xbox One console also has a relatively large Random-Access Memory Capacity to ensure seamless running of the games. They have powerful video cards and a high-frequency processor to ensure faster and clear image rendering. With this console, as any other powerful console, there is no such thing as game drag or lag.

Microsoft also offers unique controller customization for this device to suit your desires aimed at enhancing the look of your home entertainment section. They offer an endless range of colours for the controllers including other types of designs and themes.

Finally, the dual shock consoles offer a strong Bluetooth connectivity for wireless and free movement gaming experience. It also has an Audio jack to enable you to connect your headset and have an amazing sound and gaming experience.

Xbox One Pros and Cons


  1. Xbox one prioritises speed and smooth gaming experience. This console is equipped with very powerful graphics rendering capabilities as well as memory to give you a funfilled and hassle-free gameplay experience.
  2. The Xbox gaming controllers have advanced features to enhance your gaming experience. The Xbox controllers are designed to offer comfort and to conserve power with an outstanding gameplay at the same time.
  3. Xbox One is Smart Glass Compatible. These features make it possible for you to set up multiplayer gameplay in the background while playing the single player concurrently.
  4. Another awesome advantage of Xbox one is that it will enable you to capture and record your gameplay.

Are Xbox One Users Likely to Face Any Disadvantage?

One of the greatest disadvantages you will be exposed to as an Xbox user is the requirement to check the Xbox live Account at least once a day. You will also be required to pay in order to play online.

The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch console will enable you to enjoy gaming in TV mode or hand-held mode. This makes the console versatile and flexible.

The Nintendo Switch Battery can last for a relatively long period to give you enough game time to accomplish your game missions and objectives. The controllers are equally versatile, they are designed to easily slide onto the tablet side creating an immersive handheld gaming experience.

The console supports a wide range of games to provide you with a seemingly endless gaming experience.

Pros and Cons of Nintendo Switch


  1. Nintendo switch offers you a better processor to ensure you have quick access and faster gameplay
  2. The console also offers you an amazing 3D display. It is designed to offer a pleasant as well as a stable view.
  3. They are also versatile. This console enables you to switch from a home gaming console to a portable gaming system in the blink of an eye.
  4. The design of Nintendo Switch is also made to offer a comfortable handheld gaming experience for a relatively long time. The joystick controllers feel more comfortable and natural as well.
  5. Another advantage you will enjoy is a longer lasting battery life for your gaming. This ensures your gaming moments are not interrupted frequently by low battery power

Are there Cons Related to Nintendo switch?

As much as the console offers an amazing gameplay, it has a smaller internal memory that cannot support a relatively large number of games.

Which Is the Best Console to Buy? This comes without any Bias

All these consoles are designed to give you the best gaming experience. However, some disadvantages that some consoles have might affect your purchase choice. PlayStation 4 Pro Console will offer you an easy and undisturbed gameplay with minimum interference and compulsory purchases.

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